Michel Mouffe


Tous les matins du monde
09.06.23 - 23.09.23

Michel Mouffe’s paintings embody a profound connection with being, revealing a unified multiplicity within the canvas. His artworks, with their fused layers of acrylic, create paradoxical color harmonies. The metal bars fixed on the wooden frame and underlying the canvas are shaped in a way to apply sufficient pressure to deform it. The resulting volumes stretch the painting into depth, and the faint metal lines behind the canvas transform it into a sculpture upon contact. The painting extends itself to surpass its own boundaries and, in a forward motion, engages with the observing gaze.

Mouffe’s paintings invite us into a sensory experience where intentional consciousness is disarmed by the sheer presence of the artwork. The painted space reveals itself in its emergence, escaping fixity. The artwork is a continuous process where time and ambiguity are essential. It transcends language and immerses us in a pre-analytical tension. The completion of the artwork occurs when the artist withdraws to allow the artwork to exist fully.

Excerpt from «Michel Mouffe: Tous les matins du monde» by Jeanne Mouffe

Michel Mouffe’s artwork is both luminous and opaque. It combines intelligence and mischief, captivating our gaze and inviting us to reflect upon ourselves. His canvases blend the visible and the invisible, the present and the absent, color and space. They evoke a sense of mystique and capture our unconscious. Mouffe explores the medium of painting with patience and mastery, creating visual experiences that bypass our intellect to directly penetrate our unconscious. His paintings defy traditional artistic classifications, merging pictorial and sculptural forms. They question the essence of matter, time, and space. Their meaning cannot be reduced to words, but they assert their own autonomy and mastery. Mouffe’s work is a cohesive and profound exploration, inviting the viewer to delve into a world where time and space coincide.

Excerpt from «Michel Mouffe: Our Shares of Nothingness, Our Shares of Eternity...» by Xavier Van den Broeck

Espace : Grande Nef et verrière