Leo Orta


Pourquoi les Nuages Pleurent-ils
09.09.22 - 12.11.22

La Patinoire Royale | Galerie Valérie Bach is pleased to announce a FOCUS on the second floor dedicated to the work of Leo Orta. The artist creates a dialogue with the solo exhibition dedicated to the work of his parents Lucy + Jorge.

The exhibition Why do Clouds Cry? marks for Leo Orta, the continuation of his solo practice since his separation from the duo OrtaMiklos. The opportunity to present a new visual language.

This language, initially borrowed from the theoretical and conceptual training he received during his training at the Design Academy Eindhoven, has evolved towards a more poetic and critical approach to current environmental and social issues.

The works presented at La Patinoire Royale | Galerie Valérie Bach question our relationship to climate issues and our sensitive and emotional relationship to this emergency. These questions will be explored by Leo Orta through the jux¬taposition of abstract and figurative elements figurative elements, specific to his practice.

They are also addressed through Leo’s sculptural approach to the furniture he creates. Leo Orta uses a variety of materials such as cardboard pulp, steel and acrylic paint, and for the first time, mosaic and 3D printing techniques. All the works presented are made exclusively by the artist, borrwed from various craft skills.

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