Jan Dries


Infinite end
September 6 > December 7, 2019

For his first major exhibition in Brussels, and after his departure for his last great voyage of initiation, the artist appears to have aligned the elements and stars from the Above, into a harmonious conspiracy to bring about what could be called a ‘spiritual retrospective’, a review of his thinking in stone.

More than just a sculptor, Jan Dries was a thinker, a philosopher who was searching for the most perfect expression of the spirit in an essentially unrestricted form, being free from all functional expectations, which in his case was also intuition. No tricks, no repetition, no error. Jan, like an arrow flying to the center of the target, in the hurtling dynamic of the line, with the concentration and precision of contained force, goes straight to the mark with no hesitation. His sculpture is above all a reflection, and constitutes as it were the culmination of a long spiritual maturation, the final act of a long period of gestation.