05 mars 2021 - 24 avril 2021

Faithful to its tropism towards Belgian art, the Patinoire Royale / Galerie Valérie Bach is proud to present, in the form of a first solo exhibition, the very fine and subtle work of Francis Dusépulchre (18.11.20-09.01.20), arranged under the glass roof of its space overlooking Faider Street.

This unclassifiable artist, whose extremely personal production makes him particularly recognizable, had already been the subject of a strong and noticed presence at the Sculpting Belgium exhibition in 2017, at the heart of which most of the families of works produced by this artist were represented.

Having promoted Dusépulchre in fairs in Belgium and abroad, the gallery presents this personal exhibition which was necessary as much as expected, showing works that were little to never seen by the public, coming directly from the studio.

Francis Dusépulchre's work reminds us, by its minimalism, certain aspects of Fontana's work, and yet deviates from it by its purpose: Dusépulchre does not deny the surface by lacerating it, he does not cut the support to create a crack made of black and colors. He realizes, in the sense of becoming real, the pictorial surface of his curved panels, he questions the absent volume of his plexiglass boxes, inhabited only by the edges of planes that disappear. He slightly veils the planes by incising them, by pricking them with a point of light, by warping them and by endowing them with ribs to better question their nature, using the monochrome on exclusively orthogonal shapes, at least we believe so, since right angles and parallels are in fact rare, the artist playing with our perception to better draw us into a visual trap, not devoid of humor by the way!

Espace Grande-Nef