Jeanne Susplugas


16.01.2015 > 28.02.2015


Jeanne Susplugas' second exhibition at the gallery is centered around the monumental installation All the World’s a Stage, its title referring to the beginning of a monologue from the piece As you like it by William Shakespeare, who compares life to a theater act. This adjustable and evolutionary piece is the foundation of the performance taking place at the gallery, uniting comedians and video works that interpret texts by the French writer Marie-Gabrielle Duc. Her texts are funny, sarcastic and honest, a perfect addition to Jeanne Susplugas’ artistic language and to her work, which explores the fine line between seduction and repulsion. The installation evokes a contemporary nomadic lifestyle. At the same time, it is a meeting place, a place for shared experiences.

The exhibition questions our lifestyle and our attitude, both towards others and towards ourselves. All around the village we are reminded of the obstacles and difficulties all of us encounter on our paths, of our questions and doubts, of solitude. Once again in this exhibition, Jeanne Susplugas’ work, exploring all forms of mental, physical and psychological distortion, is characterized by complexity, enclosing multiple layers of meaning.