Lumière, Lumières


Carlos Cruz-Diez
01.10.2021 - 31.03.2022


Selected artworks by Carlos Cruz-Diez.
Belvédère-Event space
Exhibition: 01.10.2021-31.03.2022

In collaboration with Atelier Cruz-Diez in Paris and initiated by La Patinoire Royale - Galerie Valérie Bach in Brussels.


Chambre de Chromosaturation by Carlos Cruz-Diez.
Opening: 12.12.2021 | Exhibition: 13.12.2021-14.01.2022

The temporary exhibition will be a Chambre de Chromosaturation: an artificial 'environment' consisting of three colour chambers, one red, one green and one blue, which will overwhelm visitors. The movement of visitors through the Chromosaturation will generate interaction, turning them into actors and authors of a constantly changing event, which occurs in real time and space.

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Carlos Cruz-Diez' work makes him one of the greatest thinkers of colour in the 20th century. His works have brought a new understanding of colour and light and have considerably expanded his perceptual universe. They reveal colour as a luminous phenomenological reality, independent of any formal or symbolic structure.

Carlos Cruz-Diez passed away on the 27th of July, 2019 at the age of 95, during the major exhibition the gallery had devoted to him. The monumental work entitled Labyrinthe de Transchromie was on display at the centre of the gallery’s great nave.

Like a dead star, light-years away from our galaxy, whose slowly cooling planetary nebula would still be visible in our skies, this Venezuelian-born artist’s work is eternal because it is universal. Indeed, what could be more universal than light, ever-present in the cosmos as it is on Earth? The very light the artist grasped in his early career, immediately after the major exhibition «Le Mouvement» in 1955, historically and unknowingly launching kinetic art. Cruz-Diez created right from the start works marked by movement, hence time. As a matter of fact, in kinetic art, the time of movement produces visual effects together with the time of light. This triad Time-Movement-Light will feed Cruz-Diez during his entire life, in an infinite artistic quest animated by the same energies as scientific research: passion, curiosity, fantasy, intuition, determination.

From recommendation by our gallery, Cruz-Diez was naturally (and it has to be said, rather exceptionally) chosen by France for Expo 2020 Dubai, to illustrate the «Light/Enlightenment» theme, the main axis behind France’s presence here and the heart of the France Pavilion!

The primacy of the physical experience of colour, has never been so well emphasized in a group of environments that appeared as early as 1965 in the form of projects, and from 1968 in their first creations. These are the Chromosaturations, where colour offers itself to the observer in the corporally empathic and participatory form of engagement in a chromatic immersion.

The monochrome colour seems alternatively to extend into a depth without boundaries, without point of reference, or on the contrary located in the immediate vicinity of the eye, as if it were adhering to the eyeball, like a translucent veil. If there is depth, it begins with the eye: between it and the threshold of the cubicle only one and the same spatial-luminous continuum extends, in the web of which the body is caught. Prevented from moving far away, vision becomes imperceptibly haptic and opens to a form of skin-deep physical perception of colour.In an exemplary way, this experience sends the observer back to one of the founding moments of modernist optics, the one when vision begins to be understood only in its physiological dimension, according to modalities assuming the total intertwining of the organ, of the object of perception and of the medium that reveals it: “Light”.

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