Art [ ] Collector
11.11.2017 > 23.12. 2017

Valérie Bach gallery associates with Art [ ] Collector for the first Belgian edition of the exhibition « 5x2+1 ».
Art [ ] Collector is an initiative of private collectors, Evelyne and Jacques Deret, which aims to promote each year two French - or working in France - artists and to enhance their work thanks to the support of their collectors.Co-curated by Philippe Piguet and Valérie Bach, the exhibition « 5x2+1 » gathers about fifty artworks from the ten 
Art [ ] Collector laureates : Iris Levasseur, Jérémy Liron, Christine Barbe, Clément Bagot, Karine Rougier, Claire Chesnier, Eva Nielsen, Abdelkader Benchamma, Olivier Masmonteil and Massinissa Selmani. 
The curators jointly designed this collective exhibition based on two dual sources : for each of the ten artists, they first chose two artworks from private collections (the Deret collections, and the one of the artist’s collector who joined the adventure, including Belgian ones) – prefering works that had not been shown yet. Furthermore, they asked them to present two or three works from their very recent production or even created for this very occasion.

As part of the partnership with la Patinoire Royale / galerie Valérie Bach launched in 2016, an artist living and working in Belgium has been chosen to complete the anniversary exhibition : Mehdi-Georges Lahlou. He was part of the list of four artists proposed by Valérie Bach and has been appointed by the 2016 Art [ ] Collector selection committee.