Antoine Wagner, Liquid
27.04.18 > 20.07.18

We are divers held in the moment of contact with the water’s surface. These works carry all the momentum of a fall as well as the cool stillness of the water’s depth. Antoine Wagner captures the warmth and melancholy of years passing as well as nature's timeless cycle. The contemplative mystery of these works recalls the sublime adventure of painters like Friedrich and Turner whilst driving forward into a visceral abstraction akin to Turrell. In every image there is a seductive sense of the half open curtain into our memories or dreams. A surface to be broken through. And on the other side of this silence emerges a perfect music so finely crafted and yet somehow capable of carrying the untouched purity of nature’s breaking waves, soft rain and trickling streams. It is a silent music that points to both the raindrop on a rose petal and the planets softly waltzing through space. 

Orfeo Tagiuri