1959, born in Nagoya (Japan), Futamura opened her studio based in Paris, in 2010.

Futamura, who resides in Paris, invariably draws her inspiration from nature. She has created several series of work over the past decade with titles such as Racines (Roots), Rhizomes, and Vagues de terre (Earthen Waves). Her sculptural forms are intended to be reflections of nature and are infused with a vibrant living essence. She uses a blend of stoneware clays and a mixture of fired and raw granulated porcelain to create her collapsed rounded forms that appear both vegetal and geological in origin. These forms are sometimes encrusted with feldspar, and enhanced with cobalt and iron oxide glazes on the interior that are sometimes iridescent.

« The clay is the material of my works. I seek to express its energy and its natural strength; water, earth, fire. These are the three elements that can give birth to a new life.” » (Yoshimi Futamura)