Jan Dries

Jan Dries (1925-2014)

His perfectly geometric creations invite meditative contemplation. The choice of white marble, immaculate and perfectly polished, contributes to this impression of absolute serenity which gives these sculptures a character so to speak sacred. The artist explains: "My work is an abstract datum, because what really is involved in life can not be taken without more in nature in the form of an available form that would then suffice. install on a base. Of course, it can be beautiful but the well-being of a thing, far from being reduced to its beauty, touches the absolute of what is animated. In other words, it is what beauty conveys as spiritual content, this constitutive essence of form and spirit. Dries manages to reach the perilous balance that combines emotion and reason. For if the work is the product of a long mental process, it never departs from the existential questions that animate it. On the contrary, they are embodied in the density of matter. Each sculpture is a reflection of a deep interrogation on the place of man in the cosmos. Some works are made of several fragments whose concave and convex forms marry and attract each other. They are the union of born beings to meet each other. Their perfection conditions their exposure which will be favored in a minimalist environment where the natural light will be able to emphasize the sensuality of the curves and to play the mystery of its shades. Although born of the understanding, they surpass it to join the sphere of the unspeakable.