Marcel Arnould

Marcel Arnould (1928-1974)
The mouvement and the speed

Marcel Arnould is a Belgian artist. Self-taught, he attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Brussels only a few months preferring to train alone. There he meets Renée Demeester, muse and companion. He tries at first to paint and we already see in his first works, deeply dreamlike or even fantastic, the importance given to form and matter. He quickly abandons his paint tubes for copper, lead, steel or aluminum.
 In 1957 he discovered the work of Lynn Chadwick and his sculptures with sharp lines that deeply influence him. Subsequently he adopts a sleek style, stripped even. His slender creations twirl and question the notions of space, movement, speed. He writes: "The voids are thus supported by the full ones and they are defined by a set of lines, of curves, which, by their sharp, sharp course, attack, defy the space at clean speeds in all directions. or in a well-established and studied direction. Sometimes even, initially wanted, cantilevered masses, mechanically pushed to the maximum, seem to assault all the directions of the space ".