gérard Alary

Gérard Alary’s painting is monumental, bounteous, not only in size but by its devotion, forged by an holistic hand-to-hand struggle. His haunting paintings are characterized by the momentum of his gesture. Between representation and abstraction, death, faces, and the body - recurring figure in his art – are present and abstract at the same time.

Gérard Alary’s canvasses do not invite the viewer to contemplate, but force him to immerse himself in a macular blackness. Black from which arise skulls, which first appear to us as spots. Vectors of evil, the maculas result from a sensitive observation of reality and are emotionally charged.

If, as Gilles Deleuze had pointed to, there is always a moment in painting (...) where the hand and the eye compete as enemies, the exhibition "Macula" is an experience that will not leave visitors unscathed.